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Europe, DEU, Germany, Sylt Island, In the sixties, Historical image, People, Pair at the beach, Beach Chair, Ball, Swimming Area, Woman and Man, Historic image from the sixties., Tourism Touristic, Tourist, Travel, Traveller, Journey, Voyage, Holiday, Holidays, Tourist country, Hystory, Historic, Historical, Historical image, Historical photography, Contemporary, Historic image, Historic photography....Europa, DEU, Deutschland, Insel Sylt, 60er Jahre, Historische Aufnahme, Paar im Strandkorb, Reisen und Urlaub in den 60er Jahren. Historische Fotografie die in den 60er Jahren entstand und den Zeitgeist der damaligen Zeit symbolisiert., Tourismus, Touristik, Touristisch, Urlaub, Reisen, Reisen, Ferien, Urlaubsreise, Freizeit, Historisch, Geschichte, Geschichtliches, Historische Aufnahme, Historische Fotografie....[For each utilisation of my images my General Terms and Conditions are mandatory. Usage only against use message and proof. Download of my General Terms and Conditions under http://www.image-box.com or ask for sending. A clearance before usage is necessary. Material is subject to royalties. Each utilisation of my images is subject to a fee in accordance to the present valid MFM-List. Contact: Uwe Schmid-Photography, Duisburg, Germany, Tel. (+49).2065.677997,..schmid.uwe@onlinehome.de, www.image-box.com]